I embrace the people around me wholeheartedly. They are part of the reason that I am successful in life. It is important for me to pay attention to them.

Active listening means listening without judgment. I patiently open my ears and heart to anyone who has a story to share.

Instead of focusing on my opinion of their situation, I pay attention to their message - to what’s in their heart. This is the approach I take with those who are close to me as well as strangers. Each person deserves my empathy.

Sometimes people send a message without saying the actual words. I am able to identify the message they are sending by maintaining eye contact.

The eyes are windows to the soul and deepest emotions that others are feeling. Using my eyes and ears together allows me to really connect with someone. I practice this art of listening with each opportunity I get.

When my kid comes to me with sad faces, I stop what I am doing and sit down to listen. I promote openness to whatever issues are burdening his heart.

It is important for those facing emotional burdens to feel safe talking to me. I provide a haven, so they know that their issues and concerns are safe with me.

Today, I open my heart with love. I hear when someone is reaching out to me. I am committed to maintaining the emotional intelligence that allows me to connect with them.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some of the cues I look for when someone opens up to me?
  2. How do I know what kind of advice to give someone?
  3. What do I do when I have my own personal burdens?
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