I know the world is beautiful, and I take the opportunity to recognize the tiny, intricate beauty it has to offer.

When I slow down and appreciate the world around me, I feel happy, safe, and content.

I take time to walk through my favorite forest. I watch the trees dancing and swaying gently in the wind. I marvel at how they regenerate their leaves every year and evolve, growing taller and standing, tall and confident against the horizon.

I see beauty in each blade of grass and I see beauty in the ripples on the river as I walk past it.

I see beauty in laughter. I remind myself how fortunate I am to be surrounded by incredible, inspiring people. I know that every moment is an opportunity to celebrate life and I am thankful I am loved.

I see challenges as opportunities, and I know there is something to be truly thankful for in every moment.

I celebrate the beauty of nature, the inner and outer beauty of the people around me, and the strength we all share as we chase our dreams.

I know that by being hopeful, optimistic, and positive, I can live life in an exciting, dynamic, and vibrant way.

Today, I see beauty in every moment. I know nature is incredible, and I marvel at the intricate designs of the amazing world around me. I know friends and family guide me through life and that living is beautiful.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I taking time to enjoy life in the moment?
  2. Am I celebrating the intricate beauty of the natural world?
  3. Am I laughing, smiling, and making memories with my loved ones?
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