I am comfortable being by myself. Alone time offers me the chance to reflect on my life, read, or pursue other hobbies that interest me. I enjoy the time I spend by myself.

I am rarely lonely. Solitude can be a glorious thing. It is the easiest time to truly be myself. I have more freedom when I am alone.

Those that dislike solitude can never be free.

My creative juices are stimulated when I am left to my own company. My best ideas come to me while alone. My mental faculties are at full strength when I spend time by myself.

I have many interests to keep me busy. The time I spend alone is some of the most enjoyable time I have. My hobbies are important to me, and I welcome any opportunity to give them my full attention.

My appreciation for solitude grows as I mature.

While I enjoy spending time alone, I also require the company of others. I am able to find a beneficial balance of time spent alone and time spent with others. This balance is unique to me. I have a healthy social life.

Today, I cherish the time I have to myself. I appreciate the presence of others, but appreciate my alone-time, too. I enjoy my own company.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How much time do I spend alone? Would I prefer more or less time by myself?
  2. How do I use my solitude? What can I do to make my time alone more beneficial to me?
  3. What do I gain from time spent alone?
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