I begin my day in a state of appreciation. When my feet touch the floor, I say, “Thank you.” I am grateful that I am blessed with another day. I feel thankful to be able to breathe. I even feel gratitude for the fibers in the carpet that tickle my toes. 

I appreciate the fresh morning breeze. I realize the Universe is breathing through me. Every breath I take is sacred.

I start to see more clearly how blessed I am to breathe in and out. I feel my lungs expand and notice my body is well and healthy.

I smile in gratitude for all the little things that happen automatically. I am thankful for my heart that beats without me having to remind it to beat. I feel my blood pulsing through my muscles as I get exercise. 

I open my eyes to the beauty all around me. I smell the fresh dew on the grass. I feel the sun on my face. I see the trees dancing in the wind. I am thankful for Nature. I start to count the blades of grass and realize the abundance of the Earth.

I see the grand in the small. 

I think of fish in the sea and recognize their prolific nature. Just counting the sand granules on the beach helps me feel abundant. Seeing the stars in the night sky, I know I am blessed.

I am living in a wonderful world. 

Today, the more I focus on what is right in my world, the more wonderful things start to show up. I choose to look at the blessings in my life, and magically, my life begins to bloom.

Self-Realization Questions:
1. How does looking at the night sky to count the stars help me feel blessed?
2. What do I see in Nature that puts me in a good mood?
3. Where in my life can I practice more gratitude?

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