Being thankful to someone and showing them how grateful you are may seem like a small thing, but it can have a massive impact on someone's life.

Can you imagine a world where everyone was grateful for the things that were done for them? Even a simple act of kindness, like a smile for example, could brighten someone's day and make them want to help again in the future.

You can make your life - and the world - better by expressing your gratitude!

Try these methods to show your gratitude:

  1. Send a note saying thank you.
    Sometimes it is nice to read about how thankful a person is. Taking the time to write something down rather than just sending a text message makes it more personal too.

2. Give them a hug.
If you are feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude in a particular situation or circumstance, then it is perfectly acceptable to express that appreciation by embracing your beloved family members or close friends with a heartfelt hug. However, it is important to remember that not everyone may be open to receiving physical affection in the form of a hug, so it would be wise and considerate to gauge their potential reaction beforehand, so as to avoid any discomfort or unease.

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