Meet Barbara Bickham

Award winning CTO and VC helps entrepreneurs and investors understand deep technology (Blockchain, AI, Quantum, web3, IoT).

Work History

  • Has 35+ years experience in Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • Spent 10+ years in the Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Ran an Angel Investing Group in Los Angeles with 450 Angel Investors
  • Raised Millions of Dollars as a CEO and CTO
  • Worked the last 7+ years as a CTO Architecting and Designing Blockchain, AI and other Deep Tech products
  • Created a Virtual Accelerator teaching the 8 week Due Diligence and Sustainability Intensive
  • Mentor Companies Globally
  • Board member of CryptoKidsCamp, BCIF, BWiBAdvisory Board of the MIND Institute, Project New Dawn and Freeman Capital

Founding & Speaking

  • Founded TechGenii, Inc., a digital strategy company;, a Forex Software company

  • Been written up in Forbes Magazine

  • Women of Web3 Delegation to Abu Dabi, UAE

  • Spoke at the Inaugural Congressional Black Blockchain Briefing - October 2019 on Blockchain Funding Gaps

  • Spoken in 5 countries on Blockchain Funding Trends

  • Spoken Virtually on Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Funding, Blockchain 101, Global Funding Trends, Remote Work

  • Global Pitch Judge Evaluating Companies Investor Presentation

Han Ko
Strategic Global Advisor

President & CEO, USAKO Group has 3 decades of experience in international investment in technology and business scale-up.

Based on his engineering background, Han has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures. His in-depth expertise includes (a) startup accelerator and scale-up for tech industry and (b) real estate development, financing, TDD and TIF for commercial real estate.

He also has played various leadership and advisory roles in multiple for-profit organizations over the decades, serving as an investor/board member/advisor/mentor for multiple startups and mid-size companies in U.S. and Asia.