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Barbara Bickham
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Barbara Bickham

Unbound No 137: FDIC Edition

Because of the situations with SVB and Signature Bank we thought we would dedicate this Unbound to sharing information with our community. Our normal content will return next week. FDIC SVB FAQ by FDIC | FDIC The following list of responses to frequently asked questions may assist you in understanding what...

Barbara Bickham

I am thankful for sunshine

As I open my eyes in the morning, I feel the gentle warmth of sunshine, wishing me a good morning and a wonderful day. I am thankful for the kiss of sunshine on my skin. As I stand here, basking in the warmth of the sun's rays, I cannot help...

Barbara Bickham

What is Sustainable IT? A Simple Overview

Technology is transforming the world as we know it at an incredible rate. Every day, we spend more time on devices like computers, smartphones, and game consoles. While these things have their benefits, they also have a significant impact on the environment. Most people don’t realize it, but the...

Barbara Bickham

Top 4 Curated Venture Capital Weekly Update for 01Mar2023💰

🗒️ How the titans of tech investing are staying warm over the VC winter Economist: Venture capitalists are not known for humility. But many have been striking a humbler tone of late. In a recent letter to investors Tiger Global, a hedge fund and venture-capital (vc) investor, reportedly admitted that it...

Barbara Bickham

The Benefits of AGI for Businesses

The use of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is gaining prominence in the business world, blending together a range of technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision to create high-level AI systems with more independent functioning and proficient thinking abilities. Businesses are able to capitalize on this...

Barbara Bickham

Unbound: No 136

Quantum Geometry Found To Be Newest Twist in Superconductivity By Amanda Siegfried | University of Texas at Dallas Scientists at The University of Texas at Dallas and their collaborators at The Ohio State University have identified a new mechanism that gives rise to superconductivity in a material in which the speed...

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